Mature Samantha Finally Gets A Good Fuck

From Sexy 60 Plus

Starring Anastasia Sands, Samantha

Tags Blowjobs, Facial Cumshots, Hardcore, Sex Toys, Solo Masturbation

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Added October 02 2003

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Some women are just straight up sluts! Big titty amateur blond Samantha is finding it harder and harder to get the good fucking that she needs; most younger guys aren't interested, and the older ones just can't keep up with her. However, veteran porn stud Dick Nasty has cum to her rescue, furnishing her with the enormous and rock hard member that she needs to really get off. Although she is shy to begin with, Samantha soon loses any nervousness that she might have as she swallows Dick's pole and then takes it in her horny cunt. Dick really pounds her, making her cum over and over with his relentless thrusting - she loves every second!

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