Dildoing MILF Has A Taste For Black Cock

From Sexy 60 Plus

Starring Diane Richards

Tags Blowjobs, Cum on Tits, Hardcore, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Solo Masturbation

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Added March 09 2005

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This hardcore interracial mature sex video is filmed with a fisheye lens, giving it a seedy and voyeuristic appeal. The stacked blond dresses up in her tartiest lingerie, finding a couple of her biggest dildos underneath the bed and using them on her moist pussy. Just as she's about to make herself cum there is a knock at the door, so the slut answers with her big boobs spilling out and her pussy on display. The black delivery boy hands over the package wordlessly, eying her hot body speculatively - so the slutty MILF pulls him into the bedroom and starts sucking his dick! She doesn't stop until her tits are covered with that black cum.

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