Skilled Seductress Needs A Young Cock

From Sexy 60 Plus

Starring Gabi, Libor

Tags Blowjobs, Facial Cumshots, Hardcore, Solo Girl, Solo Masturbation

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Added April 01 2010

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When gorgeous and skinny blond MILF Gabi hears her young stud moving around in the kitchen late one night, she surprises him, appearing in front of him in a stunning scarlet corset and stockings - along with no panties! She squats in front of the stud, spreading her legs and showing off her bald pussy as she takes his stiffening cock in her mouth and sucks. The skilled seductress soon has her man in the palm of her hand - he'd do anything to get more of her sweet sex pleasure! She aggressively pushes him down onto the sofa, climbing on top of his large, erect member and sliding it into her now drenched pussy. She needs that good dick!

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