Tender Teen Lets Her Hairy Pussy Get Fucked

From Fuck My Hairy Pussy

Starring Nathalie Valadis, Joachim

Tags Blowjobs, Cum on Pussy, Hardcore, Titty Fucking

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Added January 12 2012

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Nathalie is a pale little teen looking to bite off more than she can chew when she gets with big dick cocklord, Joachim. But first, let's check out her very juicy and very hairy cunt! She pulls her panties to the side and reveals a thick tuft of hair right on her pussy. Just then, she gets a hot dick shoved in her mouth and sucks it with glee while still playing with her furry box. When she's getting fucked, Nathalie spreads her lips apart so you can really see that dick drive itself deep in her muff and at the same time, admire all that sexy hairy hirsute extravaganza that is Nathalie's jungle bush! Watch Joachim dump his jizz on her nest!

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