Wheelchair-Bound Granny Gives A Blowjob

From Heatwave Pass

Starring George

Tags Blowjobs, Facial Cumshots, Hardcore

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Added February 19 2014

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This is some truly dirtymature sex! A young buck wheels an aging geriatric grandma into the living room on her wheelchair; just as he is about to turn away, he is shocked when the granny reaches out and grabs his cock and balls! He's too stunned to move as she deftly unzips his pants and before he knows what's happening, the dirtygrandma is swallowing his cock hole! Despite her age she's still got a hot, wet mouth and she provides fantastic oral service for the stud. Pulling off her clothes, he spreads her chunky thighs and penetrates her hairy pussy with his now straining penis. This dirty granny is going to get it good! Old granny fuck!

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